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MultiBall Club

MultiBall Club

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Interactive Sports and Gaming System:
Processing console, motion tracking, sound system, high-resolution ball/touch sensor frame, stainless steel housing,
Made in Germany, 5-year warranty,
subscription required for updates, operation and service.
Subscription: 69.8 €/Monthly or 698 €/Yearly. 
It is a projector based system. An additional projector is required for image transmission.
For customised game requests, contact 


Motion tracking, sound system, high-resolution ball/touch sensor frame; stainless steel housing.
Made in Germany; 5-year warranty.


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Shipping info:
Sensors/Metals gross weight: 49kg - 215 x 26 x 31 cm
Sensors/Metals package net weight: 43kg
Console package gross weight: 27kg - 167 x 35 x 20 cm
Console package net weight: 25kg


Dimensions (LxHxD): 409 x 285 x 14 cm; weight: 68kg

Technical Information

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